Pacific Eye Instruments is a distributor of premium new and used ophthalmic medical devices in California and Nevada.

The Icare® ic200
The Icare® ic200

The Icare® ic100 and ic200  tonometer are designed for professional use in the surgical operation room and emergency room as well as the clinic.


The Icare® ic100 and ic200 are fully portable, requires no anesthesia and its freedom of positioning allows measuring whether the patient is sitting, standing, half-sitting or in the supine or lateral recumbent position.

Palmscan_VF-2000 Pacific Eye Instrument.

Palm Scan VF 2000  provides a suitable solution for patients with neck and back issues who have had difficulty taking the traditional Visual Field exam. Now patients can relax comfortably on a reclining chair during the test.


The PalmScan VF2000 Visual Field Analyzer is a revolutionary advancement in visual field testing. This battery operated and fully portable system, allows users to perform Screening and Full Threshold visual field tests on patients in any setting. Whether your patient is pediatric, disabled or even bedridden, the new “Fast Threshold – Interactive” algorithm promptly performs a threshold test and evaluates the patient’s vision within a few minutes.


NuLids is the first doctor prescribed device for patients to use at home to treat meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). It mechanically debrides the lid margin to uncap the glands and keep the meibum flowing. MGD is the cause of 86% of dry eye. 

NuLids has been proven to improve OSDI scores by 51%, TBUT by 65% and meibomian gland secretions by 81%. In a clinical study there were 0 adverse events in 4400 treatments. 

S390L Firefly Digital Slit Lamp Imaging System

S390L Firefly Digital Slit Lamp Imaging System 

delivers superb eye images in Full resolution (800 × 800),  for a fraction of the cost of conventional ophthalmic imaging systems.


The design was inspired from the shape of firefly. The smart design largely saves space for doctors compared with built-out camera. We have preset many camera setups so the user does not need to set many parameters before using the device. The user can operate the machine directly once the installation has been finished. 


Clarity Amniotic Membranes capitalize on the inherent properties of the amniotic membrane.


Clarity surrounds and protects the injury, enabling the body time and space to engage in active healing. Because it is also considered immune-privileged, amniotic membrane treatments are unlikely to produce an inflamitory response, making Clarity a safer alternative to other treatments. 


Elektron Eye Technology specialises in equipment for the screening and management of glaucoma and those at risk of age-related macular degeneration. Our instruments are used and trusted by eye care professionals across the globe.

Elektron Eye Technology is home to the Henson Perimeters and the Macular Pigment Screener (MPS II). They are the ophthalmic instruments of choice for eye care professionals involved in the screening and monitoring of glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). 


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Pacific Eye Instruments is a distributor of premium new and used ophthalmic medical devices in California and Nevada


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