S390L Firefly Digital Slit Lamp Imaging System

Mediworks S390L Firefly Digital Slit Lamp is an Imaging System that delivers superb eye images in Full resolution (800 × 800), for a fraction of the cost of conventional ophthalmic imaging systems.

Simple Design Simple Operation

The design was inspired from the shape of firefly. The smart design largely saves space for doctors compared with built-out camera. We have preset many camera setups so the user does not need to set many parameters before using the device. The user can operate the machine directly once the installation has been finished.

S390L Firefly Digital Slit Lamp
S390L Firefly Digital Slit Lamp


The device carries following automatic functions for photo shooting and processing when equipped with our MediView software:

  • Auto Focus/ISO
  • Auto Exposure
  • Auto White Balance
  • Right/Left Eye indicator
  • Auto Focusing Calibration



The unique infrared light source module supports the observation of the patient’s Meibomian gland. Helps the doctor to understand the absence of the patient’s Meibomian glands, and thus determines the lesion of the patient’s dry eye syndrome.

Built-in yellow filter

The built-in yellow filter helps doctors to get a clear tissue image with enhanced contrast. The yellow filter is also necessary for the orthokeratology lenses fitting.

Optical resolution increased by 40%

High-quality optical microscope with extraordinary resolution to meet doctors’ higher optical quality requirements for better accuracy and safer diagnostic results.

Ultra-sensitive camera

1/1.8” Sensor | 2592 x 1944 | 25fps
1/4” Sensor | 1280 x 960 | 12fps

S390L Firefly Digital Slit Lamp
S390L Firefly Digital Slit Lamp


Convenient Patient Management

The patient management system enables clinicians to build and edit patient record,search information by inputting keywords. Clinicians can easily record symptoms and manage the data all the time. The software supports DICOM which makes the images captured by Firefly be easily integrated into hospital’s medical system.

Functional Image Analysis

Clinicians can measure the pathology area with our powerful software tools and change the contrast and brightness of the images. Clinicians can also compare several images at one time to analyze the symptoms and pathology.

Orthokeratology Lens Fitting Assistance

The optometrists can capture and record high resolution fluorescein images of lens fitting and real-time video without a recording time limit. By comparing the different lens fitting effects, the optometrist can show and educate patients which lens is most suitable for them.

Customized Auto Exposure Value Setting

Clinicians can customize auto exposure values according to the image demand and save as templates for future capturing purpose. Also, the printing report can be customized according to clinician’s needs.