The Icare® ic100 is based on a rebound measuring principle that requires no drops, air or specialized skills for its use. This device uses patented rebound technology to measure intraocular pressure.  Its light-weight probe makes momentary contact with the cornea. Icare's proprietary algorithm coupled with state-of-the-art software allows the device to evaluate deceleration, contact time and other motion parameters of the probe when it touches the cornea.  The premium design and user interface brings IOP measuring to a higher level.

Clarity Amniotic Membranes


Clarity Amniotic Membranes capitalize on the inherent properties of the amniotic membrane. Clarity surrounds and protects the injury, enabling the body time and space to engage in active healing. Because it is also considered immune-privileged, amniotic membrane treatments are unlikely to produce an inflamitory response, making Clarity a safer alternative to other treatments. 


NuLids is the first doctor prescribed device for patients to use at home to treat meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). It mechanically debrides the lid margin to uncap the glands and keep the meibum flowing. MGD is the cause of 86% of dry eye. 

NuLids has been proven to improve OSDI scores by 51%, TBUT by 65% and meibomian gland secretions by 81%. In a clinical study there were 0 adverse events in 4400 treatments. 



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