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Konan Medical develops and distributes innovative ophthalmic diagnostic devices that help clinicians diagnose and manage vision- threatening or potentially life-threatening disorders. Konan provides practice-building solutions for eye care professionals that strive to deliver the best possible healthcare and the high-tech experience expected by today’s informed patients. Virtually all major ophthalmic device, pharmaceutical companies, and many start-ups rely on Konan Medical for superior diagnostic devices with white-glove support for their clinical trials.



Objective Field Analyzer (OFA®)

Objective perimetry has long been desired. Now, with more than 12 years research and over 20,000 exams performed, Konan will soon launch the objectiveFIELD analyzer (OFA).

Clinical Benefits

  • 100% objective (no button to push) = happier patients and technicians while increasing utilization
  • Improve scheduling with short, predictable test duration and very low re-test rate
  • Simultaneous bilateral exam, with automatic asymmetry reporting
  • Easy to use & sanitize compared to leading bowl-shaped subjective SAP devices

The most widely disliked ophthalmic test has evolved.

The objectiveFIELD analyzer, the OFA, features a novel, multi-focal stimulus for objective visual field testing in which both eyes are tested simultaneously, without requiring the patient to press a response button.

Konan’s OFA is FDA 510(k) Cleared and CE mark activities have been initiated.

Using a combination of innovative hardware and software, each eye’s field of vision is optically separated to present clustered stimuli to each eye individually, interleaved, with non-overlapped timing while viewing with both eye – no eye is occluded. The scene magically appears to be binocular.

The OFA’s novel “dichoptic” patient view is comfortable and engaging with the test effortlessly completed in only minutes having discretely tested each eye’s visual field at the same time.

Konan’s novel, patented system also facilitates inter-eye comparisons simply not available with other devices, adding remarkable and valuable new clinical information.

CellChek® 20
CellChek® 20

CellChek® 20

The All-New, Blazing Fast, Fully-Automated Specular Microscope

Process bilateral exams with one touch in under 40 seconds. CellChek is recognized as the gold standard specular microscope in the minutes from an FDA panel meeting*

Clinical Benefits

  • Visualize endothelial cells with 40x magnification compared to slit lamp bio-microscopy
  • Identify pre-existing dystrophies & low cell densities that may affect positive surgical outcomes
  • Confirm recommended cell density/morphology for scleral/specialty contact lenses

Cataract Surgery and Premium IOLs

Low endothelial cell counts and pre-existing dystrophies can markedly reduce the potential for positive surgical outcomes from an otherwise uneventful cataract surgery. Surgeons are finding these data points critical when recommending premium IOLs: verify and document pre-operatively that the cornea is not suspect to more likely post-op complications difficult to explain with the investment in premium IOLs.

Contact Lenses

In the never ending battle to minimize the oxygen barrier from contact lens materials and lens hygiene, specular microscopy provides a highly detailed view of the integrity and distress of the cornea from the endothelium. As the “canary in the coal mine”, the endothelium can be an invaluable indicator of corneal distress.

General Corneal Health Assessment

Konan specular microscopy is an invaluable tool to screen for corneal diseases as such as Fuchs’ Dystrophy, keratoconus, other corneal dystrophies, and trauma. You won’t believe what you’ve been missing.

Refractive Surgery

There are various reports in the literature of refractive surgery complications with corneas that have pre-existing dystrophies. It is incumbent on refractive surgeons and referring Optometrists to carefully assess the corneal health prior to performing or recommending an elective corneal surgery to enhance the potential for positive surgical outcomes.



Objective Pupillometer

Checking pupils for an APD is an important part of the comprehensive eye exam, and is recommended in the AAO’s Preferred Practice Patterns® for POAG suspects and patients, however the swinging flashlight method is difficult for humans to do well, and even more difficult and time consuming to accurately quantify.

Clinical Benefits

  • May aid in the detection of vision or even life-threatening disorders
  • Objective: improve your confidence in routine and subtle APD assessment
  • Detailed, objectively quantified documentation of the presence or absence of an APD

Konan Medical is the only company dedicated to advancing objective pupillary testing technology for ophthalmology and optometry.

The EyeKinetix pupillometer utilizes high-definition video cameras under infrared conditions to record the bilateral pupil responses to monocular visual stimuli.

Unlike human observers that only see one pupil reflex at a time, EyeKinetix simultaneously records both direct and consensual pupillary light reflexes. Easy, objective, quantitative, delegated… an order of magnitude more detailed than the finest human observer.

ColorDx® CCT HD®
ColorDx® CCT HD®

ColorDx® CCT HD®

High-Precision Diagnostic Color Vision Testing

Color vision and contrast sensitivity are important functions of the visual system, which may be affected by many diseases, disorders and common drugs and substances.

Clinical Benefits

  • Detect subtle changes missed by books, plates, and other color vision tests
  • Compare structure & function, especially when subjective SAP does not correlate with OCT
  • Inform patients about the risks, consequences and hazards related to deficiencies in their cone and achromatic contrast sensitivity

The new gold standard in diagnostic color vision testing

Developed in collaboration with the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine OBVA (Operational Based Vision Assessment) laboratory under CRADA, CCT HD expands on the strengths of the original USAF cone-isolation contrast test (Rabin CCT) and is built from the ground up with entirely new architecture.

Cone-isolation contrast sensitivity methodology | Expanded low-contrast range testing | “Landolt C” based test strategies | Simple to use 4-button response pad | Robust Bayesian threshold with standard error | Konan custom-calibrated IPS matte display technology | Rapid, intuitive, staged calibration | High fidelity cone-contrast granularity | Expansive illustrated reporting | Auto trends analysis | Contrast Sensitivity (achromatic) with auto AUC calculation