It’s so easy

you can do it with

your eyes closed!


Do your eyes feel:
Itchy, Dry, Red, Irritated, or Painful?

• Sting, feel gritty, or have a burning sensation? 
• Feel like they’re constantly watering?
• Bother you on windy days or in air-conditioned rooms?
• Become tired when reading or using the computer?
• Get uncomfortable to wear your contact lenses? 

If so, then NuLids may be your answer!

NuLids is Fast and Easy

A simple one—minute treatment is all it takes 

Feel better in as little as 8 days 

100% of NuLids users reported they found the device simple to use – and more convenient than manual lid scrub treatments 

NuLids… It’s so fast and easy you can do it with your eyes closed!

NuLids is Comfortable

NuLids can substantially reduce that dry, itchy, scratchy, red, irritated, soreness that comes with evaporative dry eye disease 

100% of patients surveyed said they experienced NO discomfort when using NuLids 

Former contact lens patients report being able to go back to wearing their contact lenses again. Others report never feeling so comfortable while wearing their lenses

NuLids works

NuLids’ oscillating tip works by gently stimulating and rejuvenating the patient’s Meibomian Glands 

Patients reported a 52% reduction in both the severity and frequency of their dry eye symptoms 

NuLids System has been shown to increase the number of functioning Meibomian glands by over 80% and increased output by over 2x

NuLids is


NuLids offers a natural more effective alternative to the treatment of dry eye disease 

NuLids will not damage your eye if accidental contact is made during use 

NuLids self-regulating design halts the movement of the NuLids Soft Tip if too much pressure is applied to the eye lid

NuLids is affordable

NuLids patients report the elimination of their manual lid scrubs and significant reductions in their use of moisturizing eye drops, night time gels, warming masks, and anti-inflammatory medications 

NuLids is classified as a durable medical device which qualifies it for use with Flex Spending and Health Savings Accounts – saving you even more money

NuLids is indicated for

NuLids is indicated for use with Dry Eye Disease, Blepharitis, or Demodex is present, or when the lid margins show evidence of thickening, cylindrical dandruff, meibomian stasis, ectasia, scaling, skurf, or become scalloped, rolled, hyperemic.

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